We Make Vitamins

We Make Vitamins , LLC.'s 10,000+ square foot main facility in Lakeland, Florida features a broad range of equipment and services to satisfy the needs of our customers. Our equipment addresses the routine and complex development and manufacturing challenges facing today's marketplace. ​  We Make Vitamins, LLC.'s facility is also equipped with technologies available for manufacturing and testing of products. Our equipment is geared toward solid oral capsules and tablets, liquids, and semi- solid creams oral strip’s, gummy’s and food bar’s. Each machine follows a strict cleaning procedure guidelines to ensure product quality. We also have the ability to package these final dosage forms via high speed and highly accurate packaging lines.  We Make Vitamins , LLC. currently has the approval to ship world wide. Countries include The European Union, Australia, Canada, United Arab Emirates, Switzerland, and many more.  



We Make Vitamins, LLC. has two blending processes to meet our clientele's needs.


Tablet Presses are designed with slow and high speed dwell time compression. Below are highlights of each tablet press:

  • Chewing gum
  • Hard candy
  • Dissolvable
  • Many sizes to choose from


We Make Vitamins, LLC. encapsulation capabilities are vast and are geared to meet a myriad of our client's capsule development programs from early stage feasibility studies through commercialization.  Our encapsulation equipment operates with the most common capsule sizes, that is, 1 *, 0 * and 00 *.

Liquid Filling Line

 We Make Vitamins filling systems can accommodate regular free flowing liquid products, products that are very viscous or thick, products that tend to foam, products that string or drip, and products that have particulates or chunks. Our filling equipment has a capacity from 2 ounces to a gallon. 

Powder Filling

We Make Vitamins powder filling system can accommodate a wide range of materials.

  • Ideal for filling 1 gram to 4.5 kg (10lbs)

Packaging Line

Oral Strip's


Food Bar's